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Zerlina, Opera Carolina and Opera Grand Rapids

"The excellence of the three sopranos cemented my suspicion that this was the deepest Opera Carolina cast I've seen"
      Perry Tannenbaum, Classical Voice of North Carolina

", she brings her customary comic timing, ability to inhabit a character, and lovely, clear voice to the role of a naive but loving young woman."

        John Kissane, The Rapidian

Yum Yum, Opera Grand Rapids

"But it was Grand Rapids native Rachel Mills (Yum-Yum) who stole my heart....I honestly believe Gilbert and Sullivan had someone like Mills in mind when they composed and wrote 'The Mikado.' Her comedic timing and sense of theatrical flair is spot on."
        Mike Gesler, Near North Now

Papagena, Toledo Opera and Opera Grand Rapids

"Sang brightly, danced beautifully, and performed with as much joy as I've ever seen on the stage."

      John Kissane, Revue Magazine

First Boy, Welsh National Opera

"Performance of quality cut through the night."
      Jeff Grant, Behind the Arras

"Blend and flexibility"
      Anna Picard, The Times

Polly Peachum, Opera'r Ddraig

"Perfectly executed."
      Mike Smith, Art Scene in Wales

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